Steve Jobs' technology helped foil his robber after death

The irony behind the burglary of the home of late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in uncanny.

It’s safe to assume that 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin was a bit freaked out and taken back.

That’s because McFarlin, who was arrested and charged with the burglary of Jobs’ home, was tracked down using the technology that Jobs’ revolutionized. That’s what you get for stealing an iPad, Mac Mini, an iMac and several iPods, on top of some ritzy jewelry and expensive champaign.

In addition, Steve Jobs’ wallet, which included his driver license, a Visa credit card and an American Express Titanium credit card.

As a side note, to get the Titanium card, also known as the Black Card, you need to have a perfect credit history, spend a minimum of $ 250,000 annually on a previous American Express card, pay a $ 5,000 membership fee and an annual $ 2,500 fee, and be identified as having a “major” net worth, by American Express.

According to the Silicon Valley Mercury News, the moment McFarlin connected to the Internet on one of the devices, he was practically tracked down immediately.

Thank you Steve Jobs for innovating the “Find my Mac” feature built into iCloud.

In an interview with the local newspaper, one of McFarlin’s former bosses called him an idiot.

“There’s certain things you don’t do, and burglary is one of them, but burglarizing an icon like that, that just puts yourself pretty much in the deep hole.”

McFarlin was arrested two weeks ago and sits in jail on bail of $ 500,000. Police authorities are calling the burglary totally random. McFarlin has robbed several homes, according to the report.

The San Francisco Chronicle has more in-depth information on the story.

According to that report, The Jobs’ home was under renovations. It’s unclear whether or not any of Jobs’ family were in the home during the burglary.

If convicted, McFarlin could face nearly eight years in prison, as this is not the only house he has burglarized.

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